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A world of wonder
I blame writer change. He just doesn’t sound like the same person anymore. >.< Also voice actor change. I WANT THAT SEXY ACCENT BACK DAMMIT. They probably changed it because he also voices Cullen, but that doesn’t make me feel better.


It’s a writing inconsistency then? D: I mean I could see, just from this, several ways he could go bad - mainly his general need to feel like he isn’t tied down, that could backfire in SOOOO many ways considering he’s now a warden whether he likes it or not

But if it’s just like the character changes completely….that’ll be frustrating. :/ Also THEY CHANGE HIS VOICE ACTOR WHY?? I LOVE THIS VOICE ACTOR

Maybe I shouldn’t complain. It’ll make the break easier to bear… .-.

I loved this bastard so much….then dragon age 2 crushed all my hopes and dreams.

I know, I’ve seen…not spoilers? But I’ve seen people’s comments, and i have a friend advising me, telling me that he becomes more of an asshat later and no matter how OK he seems right now he’s still basically an asshole

I’m really



What a waste.

i am so confused right now how am i supposed to feel about this figurative piece of shit called Anders